Property management company in Rhode Island

At My Property Master, we take pride in delivering exceptional, contemporary and affordable real estate management services to every client. From tenants to landlords we are here for you!

Our goal has always been to deliver effective property management solutions that are innovative and help property owners increase their equity.

Based on years of experience and managing various properties, we continue to maintain our position as the leading service in property management in Rhode Island.


When you need to list a property to appeal to quality tenants, we are the ones to call. Owing to our exceptional knowledge, we will perform a property inspection and capture professional photographs to best showcase the apartment or rental home.

We handle the placement of adverts across reputable online platforms including enquiries. We will show prospective tenants the property and manage processes such as background and credit checks through our stringent screening standards.

Having delivered contemporary property solutions in the housing market, we are familiar with the practices needed to identify tenants who fit the requirements.


Our clients are truly impressed by the affordability and the quality of our services. In many instances, we are equipped to go the extra mile to increase your bottom line and ensure all tenants receive the highest quality services in property management.

Collection of rent

With a proven track record of 100% rent collected from our screened tenants, we will handle all rental collections with the attention, professionalism, and expertise it deserves.

All tenants can easily keep up to date of their payments using our online portal. Property owners can also use the secure portal to make deposits for specific maintenance requirements and services rendered.


We create a complete lease agreement representative of the property.

Using our online portal, matters pertaining to the lease agreement can be carefully examined and addressed with secure processes.

We will provide our current tenants with the convenience of automated lease renewals and property alerts.


We deliver routine property maintenance and management solutions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Right through the year, you can contact us, and we will address property maintenance queries with haste.

Owing to our extensive professional network, we present certified technicians and service solutions from reliable contractors.

We are prepared to manage the negotiation process when maintenance is required for your property.

We Can Handle Eviction Processes on your behalf

Online portal

We combine technology and convenience, bringing our online portal where you can contact our maintenance team and consult with our staff as you deem fit.

Maintenance requests, notices, and more are all managed through the online portal.

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