Airbnb,, Expedia, and other vacation rental platforms made it easy for temporary accommodations. Hotels are everywhere around the globe. Living in a hotel for 1 to 5 days could be a good choice. But if you need to stay in a city for a few weeks or months, hotels are not the best option for anyone. Because living in a hotel for a few weeks or months can break your bank account. Also, there are some other benefits and environmental factors that you may not find in a hotel.

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This is where the short-term rental apartments come in very handy. These are the places where you will get some additional benefits than the hotels. In some cases, it may look like you’re living in your home. You’ll have sufficient furniture, a refrigerator, file cabinet, hair dryer, and all sorts of good stuff that you use in your home. Also, you can cook yourself in this type of apartment.

Most importantly, the total cost is lower than the hotels.

In this article, I will explain why people live in short-term apartments.

Let’s get started.

Reasons for living in a short-term apartment

Here are some top reasons for choosing short-term apartments over hotels.

Long-time vacation travel

Long-time vacation travel

For a long time vacation and travel, many people choose apartments for living. For example, if an individual or family goes on a 15-day vacation and wants to travel to a city, an apartment will be more beneficial for financial and flexibility.

Whatever the range is, the apartment owner or property maintenance contractor generally offers a fixed price. On the other hand, a hotel will charge you per day basis even if you stay for a long. In a nutshell, hotel prices are comparatively higher for the same period of time.

Business travel and temporary work assignments

Business travel

Some business travel, educational, or work assignments may take up to a few weeks or so. In this type of case, short-term rental can be a perfect choice.

Medical tourism

Medical transportation

People are traveling all around the globe for medical purposes. There are also many medical tourism consultants who suggest different cities and hospitals for various treatments. If certain cities are great for specific treatments, people will likely choose to live there.

You may think that patients are supposed to stay in hospitals. But this is not always the case. Some patients have to wait a couple of days before they are admitted. In some cases, doctors release patients but advise them to recheck or come back in one or two weeks. These are some examples of scenarios why people choose to live in apartments in the nearest location to the hospital.

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Family members who take care of the patients also need accommodation.

Relocation or permanently moving from one city to another

Relocation, Permanently moving from one city to another

You may never think of this reason before but it’s very common. It also happened to me as well.

For example, you’re permanently moving from Oakland to Woonsocket and you need to find a new home or apartment in the new city. This will obviously take a few days even weeks to finalize.

Will you travel 45 hours every time during this period? I don’t know about you but most people will choose to stay in an apartment in Woonsocket until they finalize the new home. During this period, people may prefer to live in short-term apartments.

Home renovations, repair & maintenance

Apartment renovation before and after photo

This is another big reason. When you make a huge renovation or need a large amount of repairs, you might not be able to stay in the home.

In this type of case, you need to stay in a different house nearest to your own property. This is how you can closely observe your own property.

Short-term educational courses and training

Short-term courses, diplomas, training, etc are some of the factors when you may need to live in a different city for a few weeks or months. And a short-term rental could be a great solution for the accommodation.

Wrap up

Generally, residential rental contracts between tenants and landlords are one year for a fixed-term lease. There is also a month-to-month lease agreement but it’s also intended to live for a long time in the same property. Both these lease agreements require security deposits and lots of paperwork.

So if you need to stay for a few weeks or months, short-term rental homes & apartments are a great choice. It will save you security deposits, heavy paperwork, and other hassles that you may already be aware of. At the same time, you get lots of benefits that I discussed at the very beginning. Also, you get a ready-made living place like your home.

When you decide to live in a new place, especially for the short term, be sure to get sufficient information that will ensure your security, save you from hidden fees, etc.

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